Activity Feed

The activity feed is an in-app display that shows posts made directly through the app as well as from SocialWall and any linked Twitter, LinkedIn and Flickr account From one page you can easily switch between three streams of content.

You can choose how the attendee can share; 

  • Full sharing - Post to the feed, email out or share on social media
  • In-app only - Only to acivity feed
  • No sharing - Only information you wish to display

There are moderation options and the ability to comment on posts, plus you can enter any #hashtags that should appear by default on any share.

From the planner side, if you have important annoucements to make during your event you can lock notifications to the top of feeds to inform delegates of upcoming events or sessions. 

If you want to display your feed at the event you can display a SocialWall gallery which will also be shown in the SocialWall tab of the Activity Feed by default.  


  1. Open the app. Tap the hamburger icon in the top left corner, then select Activity Feed.

  2. Start exploring. Once open you will be able to navigate between 3 tabs; Event Feed, SocialWall and Notifications.


  1. Post a message. Tap the Post button in the top right hand corner.

  2. Add content. Post a message upto 270 characters, add #hashtags and images to your message. 


Reviewed and Approved by Product Team