App Graphics Requirements

Click here for a full guide of theming and graphical requirements

App images

1. Required Event Icons

Event Icon 100px x 100px App images2
Online Event Directory Icon  200px x 100px   App images3

2. Additional Graphics

Logo's and Headshot 300px x 300px

App images4

3. Event Banners

Mobile Banner 640 x 150 pixels App images5-1
Tablet/Online Banner 552 x 150 pixels
Email Banner 1060 x 212 pixels

4. Launch Icons

Module Icons 216 x 216 pixels App images6
Create a 176 x 176 pixel icon, then just add 40 transparent pixels of padding around the image. This ensures your icon is centered and matches the style. Your completed icon should be a PNG file and 216 x 216 pixels.

5. Event Splash Screens

Mobile 1242 x 2208 pixels App images7
Tablet (Portrait) 1536 x 2048 pixels*
Tablet (Landscape)  2048 x 1536 pixels*


*Keep important elements within the safety margins to ensure that branding, sponsor logos, and other important elements don’t get cut off during device rotation.

  • Left: 290 pixels
  • Right: 290 pixels



Reviewed and Approved by Product Team