Beacons are a small wireless device that broadcasts a signal using Bluetooth.


By using a beacon, you can send out personalised notifications, direct attendees to a specific page in the app, or send out a custom URL.

Estimote proximity beacons are recommended. Other brands require advanced setup and may not be compatible at all. 


Give your alert a name. The name you choose will never be seen by your attendees, it's only there to help you keep organized.

Then choose an action for your alert. Your options include:

Go to session page Tapping on the alert takes your attendee to the session you select.
Go to organization page Your notification directs attendees to the organization you select.
Go to URL Send your attendees to a webpage outside of your app.
Send a notification Your alert contains a message of up to 100 characters.

There are 3 proximity options:

  • Near (1 meter/3 feet) – Best for exhibitor booths and sponsor areas.
  • Moderate (3 meters/9 feet) – Best for small rooms and doorways.
  • Far (17 meters/55 feet) – Best for large rooms, lobbies, and registration areas.

After syncing your beacon with your alert, the only thing left to do is place your beacon at your venue. Estimote's beacons have an adhesive back that allows them to be placed pretty much anywhere, but read the next section for a few pointers on maximizing their signal.

Placing Your Beacons

1 Find the high ground. Beacons use a wireless signal called Bluetooth low energy or BLE. It allows their battery to last for years at a time, but is also susceptible to interference from people and objects. You can maximize their signal strength by placing them as high up as possible.

2 Gather a crowd. Beacons don't emit a continuous signal, but instead emit their signals in intervals. If you place your beacon in an area where people are just passing by, they might miss the interval and not get your notification. Instead, try to choose a spot where people will linger for at least ten seconds.

3 Place them right side up. Estimote beacons work best when placed vertically, attached to a wall. See the little dot on top of the beacon? That should be facing up.

User-added image

4 Don't cross the streams. If you have multiple beacons, each with their own alerts, keep them out of each other's range (about 230 ft apart) so that their signals don't interfere with each other.

5 Mind your surroundings. Barriers made of plaster, concrete, bulletproof glass, metal, and water have the highest potential for interference. If any of these are present at your venue, expect your beacon's range to be diminished somewhat.

6 One and done. Beacon alerts will only trigger on a device one time. If you want your attendees to receive the same alert multiple times, create several identical alerts and sync each to their own beacon.


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