Click is an additional cost feature scavenger hunt game built in the app with photo challenges to encourage attendees to experience and interact more.

Finishing sets of challenges earns attendees badges and during the event, players can like pictures they enjoy or flag any they deem inappropriate. From the dashboard we can display the photo feed of the game's latest submissions and real-time leader board, we have full control of everything displayed.

Note that Game and Click leaderboards are seperate. Attendees will need to log in to your event and have an active internet connection in order to play Click.

  1. Access the Click game. After logging in, tap the Click navigation icon.
  2. Choose a challenge. Tap Profile at the top right. Scroll down to see a list of badges and the challenges you must complete to earn them. Take them on in any order!
  3. Submit a photo. Tap the camera icon next to the challenge you want to complete. Snap a masterpiece or upload directly from your photo gallery, then tab Submit.
  1. Check the standings. Tap Leaderboard on the top left. As your fellow attendees begin aiming their devices at everything from moustaches to macchiatos, a battle for glory will play out here.
  2. Defeat your opponents. Keep completing challenges to earn points. The more points you have, the higher your rank.



Reviewed and Approved by Product Team