Custom Domain CNAME setup

The process takes about a week. Once the domain is implemented it doesn’t have any adverse effects on current events. 

To apply a custom domain you will be require to complete this form Private Domain Form

You will be sent some initial instructions from Cvent when they have submitted a request for an SSL certificate for your domain, i.e ‘’. ACM provides them the CNAME record that you must type into the DNS configuration for your domain. 

For approval they will need you to create a CNAME DNS record and provide information similar to the following:

  1. Domain Name:
  2. Record Name:
  3. Record Type: CNAME
  4. Record Value:

To setup the Custom domain

  1. Go to your domain host i.e for amazon
  2. Then go into the DNS management console, this is in Route 53 in AWS
  3. Click on the domain name you wish to update, this must match the Domain Name in setup 1 above

  4. Once selected you will be presented with a screen similar to that of the image below. Click ‘Create Record Set’ and enter the Record name, this is the first part of step 2 from above www in the Name section. As you are amending your domain, i.e, this is already pre-filled.


  5. From the drop down select CNAME to complete step 3


  6. In the value section enter the full character string from Record Value in step 4, i.e


  7. Then click Save Record Set and the entry will appear in the list.

  8. Respond to Cvent that this is now in place, they will then confirm with the domain host, Amazon, and get your domain added to the Cvent API Gateway.

    After you update your DNS configuration, wait for your DNS provider to propagate and for ACM to validate your domains. 

    Once confirmed you will be sent a second CNAME record to create in order to load the events from the Content Delivery Network Cloudfront

    1. Domain Name:
    2. Record Name:
    3. Record Type: CNAME
    4. Record Value:

    Follow the above steps to complete the second CNAME and confirm with Cvent when completed


    Once this has been completed go to 

    1. Open the Admin tab
    2. Click Account
    3. Open Custom Domains
    4. Select the domain you require
    5. Change the target to Custom 
    6. Click into the search box to open the popup window
    7. Enter in your event title then search
    8. Select the event needed for the domain



    Reviewed and Approved by Product Team