Delegate Tracking

If you have OnArrival Premium, you can use the app to scan attendees into sessions. You can also scan attendees into the event.

There are many ways in which we can track attendee's at events




Scan attendees at the door. Perfect fit for budget conscious events

Tap-N-Go Allows attendees to "tap" their badge before entering their session
Passive RFID Overhead readers and mats allow you to unobtrusively track the attendee journey
Access Control Session attendance by granting access based on enrollment or attendee type
Tracking CEU Credits Track attendance and issue certificates to meet educational requirements
Booth Visitor Tracking Measure attendance and success of your booth by going beyond business cards

The exhibitor visitor tracking solution provides you with real time views to track and measure attendee activity and interest within an exhibitor’s booth, and to help identify potential leads not captured with a lead management device. Standard reports provide increased insight into attendee interests and preferences.

Through RFID reader(s) we can passively track where an attendee visits and measure attendee participation by product area. Exhibitors can then view the web-based Exhibitor Portal for real-time reporting on attendee booth visits and activities, and demographic breakdown of product interest; plus, ability to order lead/exhibitor management user subscription rights.


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