Email Deliverability

The Connect solution provides sophisticated email marketing for your events. We know as well as anyonethat an email means nothing if it’s not being delivered. That’s why reliable email deliverability is an integral part of the Connect experience.

Connect maintains a dedicated team that’s focused on email delivery, abuse compliance and prevention. While 100% deliverability is not a reality of internet email, we take email deliverability very seriously. This team’score responsibility is to ensure that the Connect domain performs reliablyacross our client base.

If you implement Connect, you are partnering with a company that has a strong interest in high email delivery rates. We successfully deliver millions of emails daily using advanced message management systems and enjoy 98% delivery to internet mail servers for valid email addresses.

How Connect Ensures High Delivery Rates

  • Continuously monitor Cvent network, servers, and customer email deliverability. Interview and vet new customers to make certain that they have responsible email practices and good list collection methodologies.
  • Require that customers follow CAN-SPAM and other email applicable laws.
  • Verify the ownership of customer email addresses used as the From or Reply-Toon emails.
  • Participate in complaint feedback-loops and take action.
  • Publish authentication records for SPF, HELO SPF, SenderID and DKIM and encourage customers to publish their own SenderID records.
  • DKIMsignall emails to provide authentication of transmitter and validation the email is unaltered.
  • Perform intelligent bounce processing and email testing using third-party deliverability tools.
  • Monitor customer emails with sophisticated anti-spam detection systems.
  • Segment and manage delivery by email type, campaign size, destination and other proprietary Cvent methodologies.
  • Deliver emails in a responsiblemanner,follow ISP/ESP delivery recommendations, and maintain favorable industry relationships with ISPs, ESPs, blacklist operators and reputation services.
  • Use multiple mail servers and datacenters for fault tolerance and redundancy.
  • Continuously monitor and measure how our customers are doing based on successful deliveries, bad addresses, bounces, complaints and other proprietary methods.
  • Inform and work with customers who are poor mailers, provide best practices, suspend and, if needed, terminate bad customers.
  • Actively participate in industry organizations such as MAAWG (Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group).
  • Live 24x7 customer support to coach clients on email sending strategy.

Opt-Out vs. Unsubscribe

Connect abides by CAN-SPAM laws, and includes an opt-outlink at the bottom of all emails. If someone opts out, it means they will no longer receive email communication from your organization that’s sent through Connect.

Although someone no longer wants to hear about one event, it doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’tinterested in any of yourfuture events. That’s why Connect gives planners the option to also include an unsubscribe link, which will opt out someone from only that specific event campaign. 

Opt-out and unsubscribe links are an important email practice thatwill help to reduce the number of abusecomplaints received by recipients.

Reporting and Analytics

It’s essential that you’re able to track ane mail campaign’s deliverability and open rates. Our standard reportsprovide a breakdown of number of emails sent, number of emails opened, number of emails undeliverable, as well as the open rate and undeliverable rate for each email within an event. Furthermore, you’re able to drill down and see which recipients opened your email and if any were undeliverable.

There are several reasons anemail could be undeliverable, including a bad email addressor arecipient with a full inbox. A bad email addressis considered a hard bounce. If an inbox is full, and several emails are bounced consecutively, we will opt out the contact.A reportcalled “Contacts thatOpted-Out” will show why a contact is opted out (self-opt-out vs. undeliverable).

Whitelist IP Addresses

If you notice a certain email domain is undeliverable, we recommend sending our IP addresses to their IT department for whitelisting. 

  • IP Range:–
  • IP Range: –

If an organizationwhitelistsbased on domain names, our domain names are:


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