Event Configuration

Event Details - Planning
Budget Tracking Oversee your event's entire budgets. Estimate costs for general budget categories. Create budget items to track specific costs. Record changes for each phase of the budgeting process
Task List Manage and assign your events tasks. Prioritise tasks, track their progress, and set deadlines. Setup automatic notifications and reminders for assignee's. Apply your account's pre-made task templates to the event
Staff List  Manage your event's staff members. Display the staff's images, roles, and info on your event website NIF
Event Documents Upload images, PDFs, spreadsheets and more to your event. Use reference links to share external documents. Restrict access to documents by making them internal. Limit who specifically can access each internal document
Speakers Display speakers images, bios, and other info on your event website


Event Details - Agenda Items
Admission Items Offer more than one admission item (ticket type) for your event. Assign a price and capacity to each admission item. Include session and tracks with certain admission items.
Optional Items Item types are quantity, membership, group, and donation. Restrict How many of each quantity item an invitee can have. Offer memberships to invitees. Limit how many people an invitee can sign up for each group item. Set Minimum and maximum limits for donations NIF
Sessions Add meetings, presentations, and other activities to the agenda. Include sessions with the agenda or make them optional
Session Groups Create groups of optional sessions. Invitees can only register for one session in each group. Require invitees to register for a session in each group or make it optional
Tracks Bundle optional sessions together into tracks. Invitees who register for a track are automatically registered for all of its sessions. NIF


Event Details - Pricing
Fees Charge invitees for your agenda items. Set up refund policies. Offer early bird discount. View a summary of all fees in your event
Discounts Create discount codes. Make codes stackable or allow one per invitee. Apply volume discounts using threshold
Service Fees Charge fees for processing payments and registrations. Automatically refund cancelled registration NIF
Taxes Setup taxes for agenda items and service fees. Calculate taxes by amount, percentage, or location
Invoicing Generate sequential numbers for every order. Create customisable invoices. Allow registrants to view and print their invoices NIF


Event Details - Travel
Hotel Accommodations Allow invitees and book hotel rooms during registrations. Offer third-party booking. Create rooms and manage room blocks. Specify billing instructions for certain registration types
Air Travel Allow invitees to request and book flights during registration. Offer third-party booking and pre-booked group flights. Specify the earliest departure and latest return dates. Limit flights to certain airports and travel classes
Car Rental Allow invitees to request car rentals. Specify the earliest pick-up and latest drop-off dates NIF


Event Details - Website
Languages Translate your event website into other languages. Setup registration paths and invitation lists for each language. NIF
Custom Domain Customise your event website's URL. With a private domain, completely remove connectbylumi.com from the URL


Registration Process
Registration Types Present different pricing and agenda items to certain invitees. Base the registration types on contact types in your address book
Registration Paths Provide invitees with different registration experiences. Enable different security settings, payment methods, and registration features.
Guest Registration Allow invitees to register and bring guests. Guests are part of their invitee's registration. Guest do not access or manage their own registrations. If invitees cancel their registration, their guests are also cancelled
Group Registration Allow invitees to register additional people as part of a group. Each group member will have a separate registration. Group members can view and manage their own registrations
Networking Allow registrants to schedule networking appointments with each other. Set up networking appointments on behalf of your registrants. Determine when networking appointments can be scheduled, how long they can last, and more NIF
Registration Approval Make all registrations subject to approval. Automatically notify invitees when they are approved or denied.
Event Waitlist Automatically enable a waitlist if the event closes. Allow invitees to add themselves to the waitlist. Setup emails for waitlist invitees.
Invitation Forwarding Allow invitees to forward your event's invitation to others. Limit how many people each invitee can forward the invitation to NIF
Advanced Rules Enforce advanced registration rules based on each invitee's admission item or registration type. Apply rules to optional sessions, quantity items, air request, and hotel requests
Feedback Surveys Setup event and session feedback surveys for invitees. Create your own questions and content. View and report on response data


Badges and Certificates Design name badges, certificates, and tickets for invitees. Add text, images, barcodes, and conditional content. Allow invitees to print their own badges after registering. Print badges in bulk onsite at your event.
Seating Create seating arrangements. Assign invitees to table and seats. Print each registrant's seat assignment on card or email it to them
Kiosk Mode Enable invitees to check in or register themselves onsite at your event. Limit which invitees can check in or register in kiosk mode. Allow invitees to print their badges, certificates, or tickets online. NIF



Email Invitations Invite people to your event via email. Automatically track who accepts and declines.
Weblinks Share links to your event website anywhere online. Use reference IDs to track where registrations originate. Not live until event activated.
Web Widgets Create web widgets and share them anywhere online. Use different widget types to promote your event, provide links to registration, or fundraise. NIF
Social Media Promote your event though social media. Allow invitees to share your event. Allow invitees to follow your organisation. Create a news feed consisting of your own posts NIF


Invitation Lists Manage lists of invitees. Customisable content of the emails for different audiences. Assign invitees on a list to a certain registration type
Custom Data Tags Create your own data tags with custom or event-specific information. Updates to a tag will be made automatically in all emails. Can be simple text or content blocks.
Planner Alerts Setup alerts to be sent for certain actions or occurrences related to your event. Send alerts for registrations, payments, capacity warnings, important dates, and more
Credits Award credits to invitees for attendance. Credit values can be assigned to the event or any session. Limit the credits to certain registration types.


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