Gamification encourages attendees to explore the app awarding points for completing achievements.

Your game begins the moment your event is published, but you can decide when you want it to end. After the cutoff time, attendees can still keep completing achievements, but they won't earn points or change rank on the leaderboard.
You can customize how many points are awarded for each achievement and award prizes to attendees who come out on top. You can then display the results via the leader board during the event.

if you're planning to award a prize, you'll need to identify your Terms and Conditions of the game. Be sure to include:
  • When the game ends. 
  • When winners will be announced.
  • What prize attendees will be playing for.
  • The name of your prize's sponsor.
  • That players may opt-out of the leaderboard if they choose.
  • That players must be visible on the leaderboard in order to compete for a prize.
  • That poor behavior and sportsmanship may result in a player being removed from the leaderboard
  • Which players are ineligible to win (Event staff, sponsors, etc.).
  1. Log in to the app. Tap the hamburger icon in the top left corner, then Log in for more features. Follow the in-app instructions to finish logging in.

  2. Start exploring. Once you’ve logged in, click around the app to start accumulating points by completing achievements.

    Every time you complete an achievement, you’ll receive a notification letting you know how many points you’ve earned and a hint as to what to do next. Explore the app and hunt down those points!
  1. Open the Game menu. Tap the Game navigation icon. You’ll open to the My Progress page, which shows you your current point total, which achievements you’ve completed, and your current rank on the Leaderboard.

  2. Check the Leaderboard and Rules. Tap Leaderboard to see how you rank against the top 10 players. Or tap Rules to brush up on the terms and conditions of the game.



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