How do I Generate a LinkedIn Application ID?

To allow attendees to populate their profiles using their LinkedIn information, event administrators must follow the 7-step process below to ensure app integration.

All organizations must:

  • Have an active LinkedIn account, free of any suspensions or bans by LinkedIn.
  • Agree to the contents of the LinkedIn API Terms of Use

Setup the LinkedIn API

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click on the My Apps button and then log in using the official LinkedIn account for your organization.
  3. Click Create Application. Note: Enter your existing company name or create a new one. Enter the following required information:
    1. Application name
    2. Application description
    3. Upload an application logo
    4. Application use (set as Event)
    5. Company website
    6. Business email
    7. Phone number
  4. Within the Application Settings menu, click Mobile and copy the Application ID.
  5. Send the ID to your Lumi Account Manager who will then return an iOS Bundle ID and Android Package name + Package hash to you.
  6. Within the Mobile area of the menu, enter the iOS Bundle ID and the Android Package Name and Package Hash and Click Add for each. Click Update to save. Note: Depending upon your specific release requirements, additional configuration may be required.


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