How do I invite Lumi to a Google developer account?

  1. To invite users to your Google Play developer console, start by logging in here.


  2. On the left menu, click Settings
  3. Under the Developer account heading, select Users & permission


  4. On the right-hand side, click Invite New User
  5. Type the email address supplied by Lumi


  6. For Access expiry date, select “Never” for Role, select “Release Manager”.
  7. Ensure the PERMISSIONS level is set to GLOBAL. These permissions only grant QuickMobile the access to submit an App on the account’s behalf. Administrative permissions are NOT provided.
  8. Click Send Invitation.
  9. After the new user completes your invitation, this email address will be listed under “Pending invitations” waiting for you to then confirm it. This is the final acceptance step required by Google before QuickMobile can begin submission steps.


Reviewed and Approved by Product Team