Invitation List

An invitation list is required in order to send your email to invitees.

A default list is generated with every event although multiple invitation lists can be associated to one event if you have different registration types, such as clients, partners, speakers. or need to localise language.

Invitation Lists

You can then customise emails and the registration process based on the registration type assigned to a list or if a type is selected during registration.

These list can then affect Use the attached template to send us your prospective attendees and we shall load them into your event. 

Important Formatting Requirements - See attached example

  1. The file must be Excel Workbook ( .xls or .xlsx) or text file (.txt)
  2. The first row must contain the column headers
  3. One header must be email address or source ID
  4. Remove any excess formatting, symbols, and punctuation from your import file. 
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