Module Overview

Connect by Lumi App features

Connect by Lumi

Activity Feed An in-app display that shows posts made directly through the app as well as from SocialWall and any linked Twitter, Instagram, and Flickr account.
Appointments Scheduled meetings and get-togethers for up to ten attendees. You can create appointments or allow attendees to do it themselves.
Banners Images, often used to promote sponsors or activities, that cycle across the top of your app.
Beacons A wireless device that broadcasts a signal using Bluetooth. When an attendee gets close to a beacon during a certain time frame, the beacon sends their device an alert.
Click A scavenger hunt game in the app with photo challenges to encourage attendees to see more and interact more.
Deep Links A link in one app that can open a specific page in a different app. You can add deep links in Connect by Lumi. However this is only recommended for organizations with an on-staff web developer.
Game A feature that uses gamification to encourage attendees to explore your app.
Groups Allow you to only show specific content to certain subsets of attendees.
Live Q&A  Allows attendees to submit questions directly to a session moderator through the app. Moderators can decide which questions the speakers should answer.
Maps Customizable maps that highlight where activities are occurring and exhibitors are located. You can associate sessions and organizations to specific points on your venue's map, which attendees can quickly reference to see where their next appointment is.
Organizations Exhibitors, companies, or sponsors associated with your event.
Pages A type of content that you can use to add more information to the app. Creating a page is a great way to provide additional resources like Wi-Fi information, directions, offsite activities, and anything else attendees may need to know.
Polls A survey-like feature with a live display of results that can be projected in real time. Each poll is only one question, but you can have multiple polls.
Push Notifications A message sent to an attendee's device which can be used to inform, remind, or update them about key information. Attendees can receive push notifications even if the app is closed, so be aware that sending push notifications may interrupt sessions that are currently ongoing.
Schedules Personalized schedules that you can create for any and all of your attendees. These can be created individually or imported in bulk.
Sessions Any activities happening at your event that you like to include in the app's schedule. These can be workshops, networking events, meetings, and more.
SocialWall Aggregates social posts about your event from Twitter, Instagram and Flickr into your app's Activity Feed. You can also project your SocialWall live at your event with LiveDisplay.
Speakers People who are associated to a session. Frequently moderators or panelists are added as speakers as well.
Subsessions Mini-sessions that occur within a parent session. These will not appear on the agenda, only on the parent session's page. You can add as many subsessions to a session as you'd like, although we recommend not adding more than fifteen.
Surveys A method of retrieving feedback from your attendees. Each survey that you create can have multiple questions, and can be completed offline. Responses will sync automatically once the attendee's device reconnects to the internet.
Tags Used to filter content within the schedule. Tags can be applied to sessions, speakers, organizations, and pages. All of these can have more than one tag. 
Tracks Used to filter sessions within the schedule. An individual session can only have one track.
Verification Code A unique 4-digit code attendees use when logging in. 
VIP Admin Center A part of the EventCenter accessible to your VIP Admins. An organization or speaker who has access to edit their own content within the app. Any speakers who are VIP Admins can also create their own session polls.


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