Personalised Schedules

Schedules are made up from sessions which can be built as part of the registration platform or directly in the app dashboard.

Your attendees will get more out of your event with a personalised schedule that ensures they’ll always make it to their session on time. You can create personalised schedules for a few or all of your attendees either individually or imported in bulk.


Session selections made during registration can be synced to the app or attendees can select their favorite sessions and add them to their My Schedule. You can further personalise schedules by filtering sessions using tracks and set time based reminders for particular events. 

Open the schedule. After logging in, tap the Schedule icon.

Browse the calendar. Switch days by using the date selector at the top of the screen. Scroll up and down to see all the sessions on a particular day.

See something interesting? Tap the plus sign to the right of its name to add it to your personal schedule.

 schedule4 Take a look at your agenda. Tap My Schedule to see what sessions you’ve added.

Make edits. Tap the minus sign next to any session you’ve added to remove it from your schedule. You can also tap the name of any session to be taken to its detail page.


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