For each event we can provide access to a reporting framework which provides the you the ability to run reports to obtain real time data enabling faster, more accurate decisions. Publish reports, dashboard, and RFPs to the Portal and control visibility on a user by user basis.

You can access the portal through this link https://www.connectbylumi.com/c/portals/login/portal/6RMp

Let us know what information you wish to see and we can generate the reports.

I am looking for Report type

Information about the registrant such as:

  • Registration Status
  • Personal Contact Details
  • Items selected (Admission items, sessions, optional items)
  • Responses to questions
  • Financial records
Registrant Details
Number of registrants who have signed up for specific items (Admission items, sessions, optional items) Head Counts

Answer to specific registration questions such as

  • The total number of people who selected Chicken as their meal preference
  • The specific meal preference that John Smith selected during registration
Survey Responses

Information about the emails sent from your event such as

  • The number of emails sent
  • The number of emails opened
  • The number of people that forward an invitation
Email Statuses

Information about an invitee's transaction history such as

  • The number of registrant's that submitted an offline transaction
  • The total amount of money received for the entire event
  • The total amount of money received for a specific item
Financial Details 


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