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When your attendees register there is lots of information collected and displayed within the app.

The admin console of your event will show how many people have pre-registered and what percent of those have checked in. Here is where you can search the QR code, manual type the name or check-in a walk-in attendee. When you have found them, swipe left to see more information about the attendee (order summary, payments, agenda, contact info) or simply tick to check them in.

Within the settings menu you have global settings you can adjust like balance due alerts if using payment. Verification settings such as signature capture and photo ID. Attendee can upload a photo or replace their current picture. There is also gatekeeper mode  which allows you to verify whether an attendee has already been check-in on another device. This must be enabled on all devices and the system must stay online.

If you have VIPs you you can also set up alerts for when they arrive.

Note you will have 24 hours before OnArrival logs you out automatically. However if you closed the app without logging out, the next time you log in you will only have two hours. To return to 24 hours, just tap the icon in the top left to log out and log back in again. 


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