Registration Website

The registration website can accommodate for a full range of events, registrations types, dynamic fields, different pricing structures, travel and accommodation.

Registration website can be accessed from either accepting invite emails, by providing public weblinks or clicking the register now button from content websites. If enabled information can be pre-populated to make the user experience more seamless and efficient.

Your invitees can register with their email, registration code or unique ID via mobile, tablet or computer.

Users have the ability to register themselves or on a persons or groups behalf and using dynamic registration it will guide them through which options, prices and sessions are available to them.

Personal Information This is usually the starting point of any registration and the information you collect here will feed back through to the contact list. The are whole range of preset questions and contact fields you can select from by dragging and dropping them into place on the form. All the instruction text, headers, what’s required verses optional and in what order you want the fields displayed is controlled by the planner. You can also do different types of question formats including text, numeric, drop down, radio, single or multi answer. Question logic can also be applied that will show additional questions when a particular answer is selected.
Agenda Item and Selection

The agenda page pulls in information from Sessions. These can be breakouts, workshops, meals, breaks. Each item can display location and speaker information, whether they are optional or automatically included. If optional you can set capacity's that have wait lists when reached. Session groups can be implemented when you have concurrent activities that start at the same time of which the user can only select one item.

Agendas can be filter by registration type which can set the fee in which ever currency you require. You could also implement discount codes and apply early bird discounts with decreasing savings leading up to the event or volume discounts if booking on behalf of others.

Optional items could be used for anything such as merchandise (tshirts, cds, books) or donations.

Travel and Accommodation

This allows attendees to submit their plans for housing and arrival to an event. It does not book the item but provides the delegates preference to the event planner who can then book on their behalf of send to a 3rd party. If group booking discounts are available then information can be displayed here. All data, hotel details and travel itinerary are saved in one place and can be communicated to attendees, pushed to the app or detailed in a report.

You could also integrate passkey, concur etc and pull the data back into the system so its populated and stored within the registration

Summary From the summary page you can review all the details you have entered before submitting the registration. The registrant can easily edit from this screen if required and then submit when approved. If using group registration then you will see the option on this screen and by clicking the button you can add colleagues who will share the same settings as the current booking but each further registrant will get their own confirmation emailed.
Payment If you are charging fees for you event then the payment page will be displayed. You will see your selections\orders and any associated there costs. Here you can also see any added taxes or service fees. You can take online via credit card or select for offline payments such as cheques, purchase orders, or custom option such as cash on site. If terms and conditions are required to be selected you can apply a tick box or consent questions to comply with GDPR.
Confirmation Finally you see the confirmation page which gives the registrant a unique number. This will alllow them to modify their details using this code by going back to the content website and clicking the Modify Registration button. The confirmation screen also coincides with a confirmation email which is triggered automatically. This information can be viewed in reports that are visible to selected portal viewers.
Cancel Once registered, if a registrant changes their mind and needs to cancel their order then the system can be setup to refund the full amount or stagger how much is returned by how long until the event date. This information can be viewed in reports that are visible to selected portal viewers.
Archived Event When you event has finished you links may still be in the public domain so you have the option to create a page in case any user still attempts the weblink link. Here you can push them to a contact page or information page to maintain communication or inform them of future events they may be interested in.


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