Speaker\Abstract Management

Speaker\Abstract Management allows you to collect papers from speakers or accept public proposals via a dedicated website and assign them to sessions or presentations in your event.


Authors can login and create the biography, enter information about the submission and recieve email confirmation once they have completed their entry.

Reviewers login to the same website, they can be assigned abstract and grade the paper according to the scale the administrator has created. 

Before they are published your selection commitee can accept or reject submissions filtering the best papers for attendees. Once accepted you can turn the abstract into a session which integrates with your event and your speakers sync through too.

Speakers can then use the resource centre to keep track of assigned tasks, request additional information and keep a view on session scheduling.

  • Create, assign, and track speaker tasks
  • Collect speaker content all in one place
  • Get reporting on speaker task completion
  • Email speakers with an access link to the Speaker Resource Center
  • Send branded task reminders to speakers using templates
  • Receive alerts of speaker updates to a session or to their profile
  • View their task and deadline
  • Mark their tasks as complete
  • View and modify their profile, session name, and description

If using the crowdcompass session, speaker information and bio image will carry over to the crowdcompass integration.


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