Create a New Meeting and Session

A new 'meeting' is essentially a new database. A session is a table within that database.

The Manage Meetings menu allows you to manage where ViewPoint data is stored. A ViewPoint meeting is a database where results and register data is stored. Meetings are divided up further into Sessions. Sessions help to divide up the voting data. It is good practice to start a new session for each round of polling. This is especially important for data recovery.

Sessions are used to help to divide your data within a meeting. It is advisable to start a new session each time a set of questions are polled. This is because if any hardware issues occur with the machine running ViewPoint that causes loss of data it will help to restore that data back to the ViewPoint slides.

To create a New Meeting and Session

  1. Open Lumi ViewPoint or PowerPoint
  2. Go to Manage Meetings
  3. Click Create New
  4. Enter a Meeting Name

    New Meeting
  5. Click Next
  6. Go to Manage Meetings
  7. Click Session

    Session (1)

  8. Enter a Session title


Best practice would be to create a new meeting for every event because when the current database has been used for a very long time it maybe causing the data writing to slow down. 


When investigating an issue, having a new database with sessions makes identifying the problem much easier.

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