Create a New Presentation

The PowerPoint presentations holds a lot of data within the slides.

By design, Lumi ViewPoint PowerPoint slides retain polling results and a Lumi ViewPoint Presentation retains registered respondents even when the database\meeting used for polling is not present or a new one has been created. The information retained can be seen by running a report, for slides with data on them, or by using the extract from presentation button in register, to see which handset index is registered to a name.

If you want to begin a meeting completely clean, best practice would be to generate a new presentation with a new meeting and recreate the questions.


If you want to re-use the same presentation on multiple events\demo’s, always copy the master 'clean' presentation.

If you go from identified to anonymous polling, whilst using the same presentation, in the report the previous names of respondents appear.

If the same handset index is overwritten and re-polled within the same presentation then the name is replaced by the latest respondent.

To create a clean presentation

  1. Open Lumi ViewPoint or PowerPoint
  2. Create a Blank Presentation
  3. Create a new meeting and session
  4. Design your slide master
  5. Create your questions
  6. Save this presentation as your master

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