Delete Corrupt User Configuration file

A corrupt configuration file can be caused by a windows update.

The symptoms are:

  • The Preferences button in ViewPoint “does nothing”
  • Other buttons can be clicked, but nothing happens when you click them
  • Nothing happens when you press OK in the Question Editor window

As well as these, we may also see the below symptoms, however...the below symptoms may not [on their own] indicate a corrupt user config file, so please proceed with caution.

  • Can’t create a new meeting
  • Can’topen an existing meeting
  • Red crosses on the Receiver and Meeting buttons in the ViewPoint tab
  • “No Meeting”in the ViewPoint tab

If you think you are dealing with a corrupt user config file, it should be deleted. This causes no harm to the user’s system and when ViewPoint is restarted a new file is generated.

Under usual circumstances, the instructions below applyand can be provided to clients...

  1. Open Windows Explorer(or Computer)
  2. Press the Alt key
  3. Select Tools from the menu which appears
  4. Select Folder options...
  5. Go to the Viewtab
  6. In the Advanced settings: window, under Hidden files and folders, ensure that Show hidden files, folders, or drives is selected
  7. Press OK
  8. Ensure Microsoft PowerPointis closed
  9. Ensure the IML Click USB Receiver is not connected to the PC10 .In Windows Explorer navigate to...

    C:\Users\[YOUR NAME*]\AppData\Local\Microsoft_Corporation\
  10. Here, you should find an Iml.ViewPoint.AddIn.vsto__Path[lots of characters...]folder
  11. Double-click on the folder andthen again into thesub-folder
  12. You should see a user.configfile (this may just appear as “user”, depending on if your PC’s settings display extensions/details or not)
  13. Delete this file
  14. Restart Lumi ViewPoint to see if the error has been resolved

Can't find the User Configuration File

With the above instructions in mind, we have seen one occasion where the user.config file could not be foundin the path mentionedabove. Several other user.config files do exist, but these relate to different functions of ViewPoint (do not use a Windows ‘Search’feature as you may not be looking at the relevant user.config file)To find out where a user’s profile files are stored...

  1. Go to the command prompt
  2. Type in setand press Enter
  3. Towards the bottom of this screen you can see where the user’s profile files are stored
  4. Returnto point 10 in the above instructions, you can continue the path to..._____\AppData\Local\Microsoft_Corporation\...and continue with the remaining instructionsabove(11 –15)


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