Documents Screen

The document screen allows participants to view relevant event documents within the app.

Lumi AGM Mobile - Documents

With the relevant PDF documents uploaded, they can then be viewed by participants within the client apps. If at least one PDF document is uploaded to a meeting, a new ‘documents icon’ will appear within the navigation menu of the client app.

When a document is selected from the list, it will open ‘in app’, rather than in an external browser window. The document can be scrolled through, saved locally to a participant’s device and depending on the device a participant is using, they can also pinch and zoom within a document.

If a poll is opened whilst a participant is viewing a PDF document, the poll screen will come to the forefront of the client app and automatically navigate a participant away from the document. However, if a participant selects the document icon from the navigation menu, they will return to the PDF document at the correct (i.e. last viewed) page.

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