Duplicating Content

Simply copying and pasting content is a great way to save time or keep the format of your questions consistent.

As will be seen throughout the Lumi ViewPoint tutorials, there can often be more than one way to achieve something. Simply copying and pasting content is a great way to save time or keep the format of your questions consistent.

  1. Copy slide 3 and paste a copy in between slides 10 and 11
  2. In the Lumi ViewPoint tab, press the Edit button
  3. Edit the Question and Choices, to read as follows;

    What is the capital city of The Netherlands?

  4. Press OK, which creates a new question
  5. Insert a text box in the top, left-hand corner of this slide and add the word QUIZ
  6. With the text box selected, go to the Format tab and apply a WordArt Style to the text box
  7. Copy the text box and paste a copy on slide 10
  8. Go back to slide 11 and change the data labels to Percentages AND Actual Votes
  9. Right-click on the thumbnail of slide 11 and select Duplicate Slide
  10. Edit this copy (which should be slide 12) and generate a third quiz question (make up your own geography-related content, ensuring it has four choices, with one correct answer)
  11. Duplicate slide 8 and edit the question in the new copy replacing today with tomorrow
  12. Duplicate slide 14 and move one of the copies in between slides and 6
  13. Go to the second copy of this question (which is now slide 15) and edit the Title placeholder (i.e. the question heading) to read; On a scale of 1 to 5, how much do you know about Lumi ViewPoint NOW
  14. Duplicate slide 11 (the Quiz title slide) twice
  15. Edit one of these copies to read Feedback & Evaluation and move it before the last question in your presentation
  16. Move the second copy so it comes after the three quiz questions and edit the title to read SCOREBOARD TO GO HERE!
  17. Right-click in an empty area on this slide (which should now be slide 15) and select Format Background
  18. Choose a bright red colour as a solid fill for this slide then close any sidebars
  19. Right-click on the thumbnail for this slide and select Hide Slide
  20. Duplicate the last question
  21. Edit the second copy so that the Question reads; Out of 10, how would you rate the quality of the accommodation?
  22. Finish editing the question by setting up a range from 1 (Terrible) to 10 (Outstanding)
  23. Press OK to create the new question
  24. Duplicate slide 18, replacing the word accommodation in the question heading with conference facilities
  25. Save your presentation

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