HASP Dongle not Updating

Learn what to do if your HASP USB Dongle is not updatng.

Rarely we have seen computers not recognise the HASP dongle. To fix this issue

  1. With the HASP Dongle inserted, go to Device Manager
  2. Expand Universal Serial Bus Controllers
  3. Right click Sentinel HASP Key
  4. Select Scan for Hardware Changes


If this does not fix the issue try

  1. Type Services in windows search bar
  2. Scroll to Sentinel LDK License Manager
  3. Right click and click Restart


If this does not resolve the issue 

  1. Go to you default broswer
  2. Enter http://software.imlworldwide.com/haspdinst.exe
  3. Run the .exe
  4. Remove the HASP Dongle and re-insert


The information contained in the .lup name should match that of the USB HASP dongle. The digits before the _ are the HASP Dongle ID and the number preceeding FullUpdate should be higher than the current edit of the HASP Dongle.


In order to create a .lup file you must have Lumi Licence Manager Gold and a custom HASP dongle setup to create other dongles.

Lumi employees can download the latest licence manager. in the latest product release folder.

Authenticated partners can download the latest licence manager in the portal.

The latest HASP drivers can be downloaded from our server. http://software.imlworldwide.com/haspdinst.exe

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