What is Lumi AGM Virtual Microphone?

Lumi's virtual microphone allows organizations or memberships to integrate audio questions into your virtual meeting.

In different parts of the world we have teamed up with partners who provide audio capabilities into the Lumi platform. There are two main options to implement this:

  • Dial in or call in
  • Virtual web microphone
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How it works

  1. When a participant joins a meeting they will see the information screen which contains shareholder instructions. This screen will list the virtual microphone phone numbers to call as well as a link to the virtual microphone request form so participants can choose how they proceed to ask their question.

    This information is hidden from guests through HTML Markup language.
  2. Once a participant dials in they are welcomed by an operator who will authenticate the participant against a database provided by the company.
  3. If the participant has credentials to speak at the meeting the operator will instruct the participant of the next steps (i.e. press *1) to enter the queue.

    Audio from the meeting will still be present when in the queue. 
  4. When a virtual audio question request is received the Lumi operator will inform the Chair via private message service which will appear with other text based messages.
  5. When the Chair calls for the audio question at the meeting, the Lumi operator will un-mute the participants mic and they can address the meeting.
  6. Once the participant's question has been answered, they are either placed back into the queue for another question or disconnected.


Participants must pause the webcast as the web microphone will use the same audio as the webcast which if left enabled will cause feedback into the meeting.

Once finished with their question, when the particpants restart the webcast it will be at the current point in the meeting.

For more information on Lumi's Virtual Microphone, watch the video's below...



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