What is Lumi's Integrated Virtual Microphone?

Lumi's integrated virtual microphone allows organizations or memberships to integrate audio questions into your virtual meeting.


How it works 

  1. To ask an oral question, click the “Request to Speak” button, displayed at the bottom of the broadcast pane.

  2. The webcast is replaced with the audio questions window, and automatically displays the name of the participant. Shareholders are also prompted to provide information regarding the topic or resolution that their question relates to.

  3. Once their question has been submitted and authenticated, the participant will join the queue to connect to the live meeting and ask their question.

  4. The audio of the webcast will continue to play in the background. When called on to speak, the participants microphone will automatically activate, and they will be heard by both the presenter and other online attendees.

  5. After asking their question, the attendee will then have the option to ask another question, or to re-join the broadcast.


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Reviewed and Approved by Global Support 09/01/23