Lumi ViewPoint Log Files

Lumi ViewPoint log files are vital in order to intvestigate an issue with the software

Certain errors and technical issues can be detected from the ViewPoint log files. These are a collection of files which store chronological, technical information.  Log files may not always be required in solving an issue, but it is usually very helpful to provide these when contacting Lumi's support team. For harder to solve, escalated issues – they are essential.

The following log files are available;

At C:\Users\Public\Documents\IML\Logs

  • ClickHub.log
  • Services.log
  • ViewPoint.log

At C:\Program Files (x86)\IML\ViewPoint

  • InstallLog.txt
  • InstallLog2.txt

The file size of log files has been capped at 100 MB.  Once a log file reaches this size, the filename will be date/time stamped and a new log file will be created.

The short video below demonstrates where to find the standard log files using Windows Explorer.  As a final tip, and as seen in the video, we recommend adding these (or compressing them) into a .zip file before sending them to Lumi's support team.

Lumi ViewPoint dark

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