Pre-Vote Screen

Pre-voting can include a mixture of standard resolutions and election style motions and can be open for any length of time. 

Lumi AGM Mobile - Pre-vote

The meeting can be accessed in exactly the same way a participant would do for a live meeting and the information screen can be customised​ for pre-voting and then then changed later for live meeting information.

Further instruction can be provided at the top of the pre-voting page, and all motion wording can be tailored to suit the clients needs. ​

Pre-voting 1

Shareholders can submit their pre-votes by

  1. Selecting the voting icon at the top of the screen
  2. This will take them to the voting page​
  3. To vote, a shareholder simply selects a voting direction from the options shown on screen
  4. A confirmation message will appear to show the vote has been received
  5. To change a vote, simply select another direction. If you wish to cancel a vote, please press Cancel. ​

​A shareholder can submit a vote and change their mind at any point whilst the pre-voting period remains open, therefore they can log back in at a later date to change their mind if required, up until the period closes.​

A discretionary option can be included if required by the company and you can allow shareholders the ability to appoint another shareholder, rather than the chair to represent them during the meeting.​ This is an open text box shareholders can type a name into.​ If they do not wish to appoint another shareholder then they can leave this option blank.

If Lumi AGM is to be used in the room during the AGM then any pre votes will be revoked and replaced; if a member who has already voted and then attends the meeting.​​

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