Who is Lumi?

Lumi is the leading digital platform globally, facilitating in-room, hybrid and virtual AGMs for the world’s largest corporations, legislative bodies and membership organisations.

It is the only platform that digitises the entire lifecycle of an AGM in a single solution, enabling sophisticated meeting facilitation before, during and after the live meeting.

Based on proprietary, patented technology, Lumi provides software, hardware and services that assists Issuers, Registrars and event organizers to register delegates, provide live, secure polling, Q&A management services and relevant reporting – whether in a physical location, a virtual environment or a combination of the two.

Lumi is headquartered in Hampshire, UK where central functions including finance, product development and marketing are based, but has offices in 11 countries across EMEA, APAC and the Americas. Highly differentiated in the majority of markets where it is active, it benefits from extremely strong, experienced and renowned MDs who head up each in-country team.

Richard Taylor, Lumi CEO, explains who Lumi is and what we can bring to your next AGM.

Who is Lumi? What are benefits of using Lumi? How can Lumi streamline my AGM?
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