What battery does the IML Click use?

Learn about the battery, expected life and what to look out for when its running out.

CR2032 Battery

The IML Click keypads are powered by a replaceable CR2032 lithium coin cell battery (included).

A fully charged battery should last up to 12 months* with average usage (25 votes/day), 20,000 responses or battery shelf life, whichever comes first.

The IML Click keypad is always in standby mode which is necessary to keep it ready to transmit instantaneously. This places a small drain on the battery. It is therefore recommended that the batteries should be replaced every 12 months.

The ability of a coin cell battery to supply higher peak currents is much different than a typical (AA or AAA) alkaline battery. The cell voltage will quickly drop under loaded conditions and then will recover back to a nominal unloaded voltage of 3 Volts or better. A good battery can very easily present a medium or even low reading under heavy usage and will recover over a matter of minutes.

However, coin cell technology is such that it is very hard to prevent occasional warnings in heavy use. Periods of even moderate voting, temperature fluctuations, etc. have the potential to cause a battery that’s presenting a medium state to signal an alert or low battery warning despite the battery actually holding a sufficient operating charge.

If the keypad reports a low battery alert or warning, first allow keypad to rest for 1 hour. Then retest. The correct battery reading will be reported. If it is not satisfactory, the battery will need to be replaced.

After a vote, the keypad will blink the red LED four times before turning off. This occurs on each vote until the battery is replaced. Alternatively, with an IML Click Trainer and the IML Click System Setup Software, the battery level is displayed in the Handset List.

Please keep in mind that even a keypad with the lowest battery warning will still offer more than 200 votes and a full day of typical usage before completely dying.

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To assure long battery life with a new battery, make sure keypads are not stored with buttons being pushed.

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