Test your IML Clicks

You should test your IML Clicks before every event to ensure they are connected to the USB Receiver and the battery level is adequate.

In order to see this information: 

  1. Open Lumi ViewPoint or PowerPoint
  2. Click the Lumi ViewPoint tab


  3. Insert your IML Click USB Receiver
  4. Click the Receiver In button

    Receiver In 

    If it does not show Receiver In check these error messages for a fix

  5. In the new window ensure Require Send key press to submit response is unticked
  6. Press one of the numeric buttons on every handset
  7. The window will populate with information about that IML Click such as


    Click# - Ensure these are unique identifiers and match the sticker on the reverse. You may need to retrain your handsets if they do not match. Duplicate indexes could result in data being overwritten

    Click UID - These are permanent unique identifiers. You cannot change these. 

    Mode - This should always be static unless you are using the roaming function. Also check your receiver is set to the same mode 

    Channel - This should always be 1 unless you have multiple USB Receivers. Also check your receiver is set to the same channel.

    Battery - Ideally your battery should be full or high

  8. If the battery level is medium or low you will need to plan to replace them
  9. At the end click Create Report

 If sending you IML Clicks to a third party or different user always include the report so they are aware of how the system is currently configured.


You need a valid IML Click Receiver licence in order to test the system. The XML licence must match the 6 digit string under the barcode on the reverse of the Receiver.

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Reviewed and Approved by Global Support 27/01/23