Configure IML Clicks for User Driven Roaming

User driven roaming allows your delegates to keep their handset and move between rooms.

If you have multiple rooms using Lumi ViewPoint at an event, you can configure your handsets to dynamic mode to allow your delegates to change which system they are connected to.

This is great when it comes to reporting or tracking attendance..

To change IML Clicks and a USB receiver from static addressing mode to dynamic addressing mode;

  1. Insert the USB Receiver
  2. Open IML Click System Manager
  3. Make sure the USB receiver is set to Static address mode
  4. In the Keypad setup section set the channel number to '0'
  5. Set the next Click# to 0
  6. Press Start
  7. A pop up message appears giving you instructions on what to do and also a warning to make sure you are aware that you will be altering the configuration of your IML Clicks.  Press Yes
  8. On the IML Click press and hold the Link button and the '2' button together
  9. The LED on the IML Click device will flash
  10. Press the send button on the IML Click
  11. You will get a green confirmation light on the IML Click LED
  12. Repeat steps 8-11 for all of the IML Clicks you wish to set to dynamic mode
  13. When you have finished press stop
  14. Press the Clear responses button
  15. Under the USB Receiver settings press configure and change the receiver address mode to dynamic and set the channel number of the receiver
  16. Your clicks are now set into dynamic mode, the next step is to connect them with to the channel of the USB Receiver

Your delegates must now follow these instructions to move between USB Receivers.

  1. On the IML Click press link followed by the 2 digit channel number of the USB reveiver you wish to connect to
  2. Then the link button 
Now your delegate will be able to vote in the new room.


You should have a slide in each room instructing delegates how to change USB Receiver. 


If the USB Receiver has a single digit channel number you must enter a 0 followed by the channel number e.g. 02.

IML Click darkReviewed and Approved by Global Support 27/01/23