IML Click Handset versions

Learn how to spot the differences between the 3 versions and what the limitations of each are.

Whilst there are 3 types of IML Click devices, they all work together, with any version Receiver and any version of Lumi ViewPoint, upto 500 handsets.

The main difference is version 1 handsets can only be configured with an IML Click  trainer and version 3 handsets can only be configured with a T Receiver.

IML Click Version 1

  • The original Click (v1) contains a ‘hall effect switch’
  • This hardware enables a Click to be configured over close proximity radio using a Click USB Trainer
  • v1 Clicks are identified by the asterisk button



IML Click version 1



IML Click Version 2



IML Click version 2



IML Click Version 3

  • The latest Click (v3) does NOT contain a ‘hall effect switch’
  • Keypads also have a “C” button instead of the asterisk and a white border around the label
  • The latest Click can ONLY be setup ‘over-the-air’ using the USB Receiver



IML Click version 3



Handsets have 2 indentifiers 

  • Index number
  • 6 digit UID 

Whilst Lumi ViewPoint will record votes from the same index number, it is advisiable to ensure each has its own unique number, especially for Quizzes.


The LED on the IML Click can tell you a lot abut the handset when polling. Learn what the LED notifcations mean.

IML Click dark
Reviewed and Approved by Global Support 27/01/23