IML Click LED notifications

The LED can tell you alot about the IML Click handset. Learn what the LED notificatons mean.

The LED light, located above the '1' key on an IML Click handset, indicates whether votes sent from the handset have been collected by the USB receiver or not and also can identify other issues.

Behaviour Description
Lights up bright green, then turns off Vote has been received.
Lights up bright green, then turns red 
after ten seconds.
Vote has NOT been received.  Ensure that the USB receiver is inserted and that Lumi ViewPoint Standard is installed.
Lights up bright green, then dims for 
ten seconds before turning red.
Vote has not been sent. Multi-digit questions require you to press the 'Send' key after entering your response.
Four red LED blinks

Low battery



The LED can also tell you the index and channel of an IML Click handset.

IML Click dark
Reviewed and Approved by Global Support 11/01/23