How are IML Click's identified?

Learn how to indentify IML Clicks by index or UID.

Each IML Click handset has two identities:


Unique hexadecimal number (e.g. 0010DB) that matches the barcode of each device. The UID of each device can not be changed.  

IML Click #

Programmable number from 1 to 500 that identifies each handset within a static address system.  The original number is located on the smaller label on the back of each handset.

Aswell as numbers, you can also assign names to an IML Click handset.

Delegate names

Using the Register feature a delegate name can be associated with particular Click number.  This benefits reporting and Scoreboards.

IML Click System Manager displays the index and UID when a button is pressed on a handset.


Retrieving keypad settings from the IML Click keypad

If the keypad does not show up in IML Click System Manager then you can retrieve the number through a series of LED flashes

  1. Press the 1 and LINK key simultaneously for 3 seconds.
  2. green LED flash represents the numerical values separated by the red LED indicator.
  3. To verify keypad settings, hold the 1 and Link key simultaneously for 3 seconds.
  4. The LED will begin flashing to indicate the Base ID and address.
  5. Green flashes represent numbers, and red flashes are used to separate the green flashes.
  6. The sequence of flashing lights is described in the table below:

    Sequence for Base Channels Sequence for Keypad Address
    Tens Digit of Base ID Hundreds digit of keypad Address
    Red Flash Red flash
    Ones Digit of Base ID Tens digit of keypad Address
    Red Flash Red flash
    Short Pause Ones digit of keypad Address
  7. If the Base ID is below 10, the sequence starts with a red flash. For any 0 digits, there are no green flashes.
  8. The above description works whether the keypad is configured to Static or Dynamic operating modes.

If it is in Dynamic mode and the keypad is not connected to a IML Click Receiver, the report responds with all red blinks since the keypad has no unique address yet.


Learn how to configure IML Click handsets and how to test them.

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