IML Click Trainer Configuration

Learn how to setup the Click trainer to index your IML Click version 1 or 2 handsets.

    First you must remove any previous data that may be stored in the IML Click Trainer. Then you can set your required settings and begin indexing your IML Click handsets.

    Delete Current Data Held in IML Trainer Memory

    To ensure consequent numbering of the keypad addresses, please delete the current data held in memory by the IML Click Trainer.

    1. Start up the device
    2. Choose the third option “DELETE X DATA
    3. The IML Click Trainer will ask “Clear keypad addressing results?
    4. Choose the first option “1: Yes

    You may need to also delete the information being displayed in the IML Click System Setup Software to prevent confusion when administering multiple system configurations


    Configure Keypads to a Static Receiver Mode

    To configure IML Click Keypads to the default Static mode

    1. Click Setup
    2. Click button 1 for Select Keypad Type
    3. Click button 2 for IML Click Static


    Configuring a Channel for training IML Clicks

    To configure IML Click Keypads to a channel number

    1. Click Setup
    2. Click button 2 for Select Channel Number
    3. Click the 3rd Navigation soft key to decrease the channel number and the 4th to increase
    4. Press Exit when done

    Configuring Auto Increment for training IML Clicks

    Enabling the Auto-Increment functionality is the quickest way to sequentially index your keypad Address Numbers. In the Basic tab of the Setup menu you can enable the Auto-Increment functionality.

    By enabling Auto-Increment you ensure that the Address Number that is assigned to a keep is automatically one higher in index order than the keypad swiped prior to the keypad being swiped.

    It is possible to control the addresses being assigned to the keypads and apply them in a specific order. To achieve this, you could turn off the Auto-Increment function and then enter the desired Address Number manually.

    The IML Click Trainer will display a warning message when you are applying incorrect Address Numbers.

    To set the trainer to auto increment index numbers when swiping

    1. Click Setup
    2. Click button for Auto Increment on/off
    3. Click button 1 to set auto increment to On
    4. Press Exit when done

    Starting from a specific Address Number

    If you have a specific sequence in which you wish you index the Address Number that are assigned to you IML Click keypads it is possible to start from a specific number when starting a ‘swiping run’.

    This does need the Auto-Increment function to be disabled in the Basic Tab of the Main Menu and you will need to press the ‘>’ arrow button to ensure the keypad is assigned an Address Number that is in sequence with prior keypads.

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    Reviewed and Approved by Global Support 27/01/23