IML Click Trainer Specifications

Learn about the IML Click trainer.

The IML Click trainer is a portable device that quickly reassigns IML Click keypad static addresses and channels without a PC or software.

Size: (LxWxH) 147.5mm x 72.7mm x 26mm
Weight: (without batteries) 0.290 lbs/0.132 kg
Normal Operating Temperature Range: 0C – 50C
Attenuated: (2-3 feet)
Enclosure type: Black ABS Plastic
Power Requirements: Battery powered, (3) AAA Alkaline Cells
PC Interface: USB Slave interface
Connectors/Buttons: USB connector (Type A) for connection to PC 16 key membrane
Display: 132x64 Graphics LCD
Bootloader: Main code is firmware upgradeable
Battery Life Expectancy:  40 hours

IML Click Trainer


A Click USB Trainer can take priority over Lumi ViewPoint with access to the USB Receiver (i.e. if a trainer is connected, votes may not be received). Remove the USB Trainer and receiver, reboot the PC and re-insert the receiver.


Only IML Click version 1 and 2 handsets can be configured by the IML Click trainer.

IML Click darkReviewed and Approved by Global Support 27/01/23