No Hubs Error

The no hubs issue indicates that the Click Hub service hasn't started.


  • You will see the below icon in the Lumi ViewPoint Ribbon
  • IML Click System Manager will not open from the Ribbon
  • You will not be able to run any polling

To restart Click Hub Service you need to follow these steps:

  1. In Windows start menu type Services
  2. From the menu options select Services which should have two cogs icon.
  3. In the new window scroll to IML Click Hub Service right click on it and select Restart or if this option is greyed out select Start
  4. Once it has completed this scroll to Lumi Services and right click on it and select Restart or if this option is greyed out select Start
  5. Open PowerPoint and generate a new meeting by going to Manage Meetings in the ViewPoint ribbon
  6. Select Create new enter a meeting name and click Next
  7. If you still see the No Hubs message, check ViewPoint PC requirements, un-install an re-install ensuring you have Full Administration rights and an internet connection.

Lumi ViewPoint requires the following services to function correctly:

  • IMLClickHub or IML Click Hub Service
  • IMLServices or Lumi Service - NETWORK SERVICE
  • NetTcpPortSharing or Net.Tcp Port Sharing service - LOCAL SERVICE 

If one or more of these has faulted then you will need to restart or start the services. The controlling service, Lumi Services, is always started last. 


You must have a fully licenced Windows Operating System and Microsoft Office in order to use Lumi ViewPoint.

Other pre-requisites are also required along with Admin Rights.

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