Manage Meetings

The Manage Meetings menu allows you to manage where ViewPoint data is stored. A ViewPoint meeting is a database where results and register data is stored.

Meetings are divided up further into Sessions. Sessions help to divide up the voting data. It is good practice to start a new session for each round of polling. This is especially important for data recovery.

The Import Data to Slides functionality allows you to quickly import the last poll of each question within a particular session. Dividing the data into sessions means more historical data can be recovered back to the slides.  


Icon Type Description
Session Sessions Sessions are used to help to divide your data within a meeting. It is advisable to start a new session each time a set of questions are polled. This is because if any hardware issues occur with the machine running ViewPoint that causes loss of data it will help to restore that data back to the ViewPoint slides
Create new Create New This is where to create a new 'meeting' (database). This can be necessary when the current database has been used for a very long time and may be causing the data writing to slow down. It can also be used to manage multiple meetings, which may be required if there are different registers that can be switched between.
Open existing Open Existing Used to open a previously saved 'meeting' to switch between saved data, such as delegates in the Register.
Delete me Delete Used to delete meetings. A Meeting is not recoverable after it has been deleted.
Restore Restore Restore a backup up meeting (.bak file). This will restore all the backed up data (including the Register) into a newly created Meeting.
Backup Backup Backup a Meeting (database). A .bak file is created which can then be archived and restored when necessary.
Mirror Mirror Pro Only - Allows you to enter a PC Name or IP Address of a connected mirror server.
Backup (1) Monitor Live Database Bakup Pro Only - This shows all the currently mirrored databases from the current machine. Keeps this window open to monitor the backup procedure 
Meeting info  Meeting Info Displays information about the currently active Meeting & Session.

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