Nominate a Proxy

A proxy is someone who votes on your behalf. Pre-defined or board appointed proxy's will appear automatically in the drop down list but you can manually add your own.

If you select nominate a proxy on the meeting participation request form you will see two or more options in the drop down list.

  1. Select from:
    • Secretary General 
    • Other

      Nominate a Proxy Select
  2. If other is selected, the shareholder\member can fill out the details which are then validated.
    • Title
    • Given Name
    • Family Name
    • Citizenship
    • National ID
    • Address
    • Phone Number

      Nominate a Proxy Enter-1
  3. You can then specify instructions you wish the proxy to adhere to.

    Nominate a Proxy Details Entered


    A nominated proxy could be another shareholder or a family member etc who will completely represent the you. If your will attend the meeting and wish to nominate a proxy you would not fill this out. 

    If you nominate another shareholder then they will be automatically linked to the your account.

    If you wish to bring a proxy who will represent a specific number of shares, you should add a comment in the notes from participant. This will then be added into the AGM core software by the meeting administrator. 


    Reviewed and approved by the Global Support Team 16/01/23