Retrieving deleted Lumi TVT messages

Learn how to find a deleted TVT message in the SQL database.

When using Lumi Text-Vote-Talk you may accidentally deleted a message but do not fear, we can go into the SQL database and pull the information from the relevant table.


You require SQL Server Management Studio and SQL Express installed in order to view the database tables. LocalDB is not capable.

  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio
  2. Click Connect
  3. Expand Databases
  4. Find your database i.e, Iml_YourDb
  5. Expand Tables
  6. Scroll down to text.Message
  7. Right click and click Select Top 1000 Rows
  8. On the right hand-side you will see a SQL Script and beneath it your messages. Find the IsDeletedcolumn and any with a 1 will be your deleted messages
  9. Right click in the table and select Save Results As, type a name and a CSV will be created
  10. You can test live to see when you delete a message and then refresh the server



We can also retrieve a poll

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