Scoring Options

The Scoring Options sidebar panel allows you to set the correct answer(s), answer reveal animations and points available for quiz or assessment questions.

The Scoring Options sidebar panel allows you to set the correct answer(s), answer reveal animations and points available for quiz or assessment questions.

Note: When the current slide does not contain an interactive question, then all controls within the Scoring Options sidebar will be disabled. 


Changing the requirements in this view only updates the selected slide. If you want changes to effect the whole presentation you should update Preferences.

Updating Preferences will only affect future created questions.


The 'Scoring Options' controls are contained within three sections:

  • Scoring
  • Correct Answer(s)
  • Scoring Settings 


Control Description
Enable Scoring

Quickly allows you to turn scoring on or off for the current question.

When selected then the scoring controls will be enabled and each vote for a correct answer will score the number of points set within the 'Points per answer' field.

When deselected then no points will be awarded, even if one or more correct answer(s) are set, when the current question is voted upon.

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Correct Answer(s)

Question Type


Multiple Choice

Displays the list of all choices. Simply tick the corresponding box to mark a choice as a correct answer.

You can mark as many choices as you wish as correct answers, regardless of the maximum number of allowed selections for that question.

The audience score the value within the 'Points per answer' field for each correct answer that they vote for. If there is more than one correct answer set, then the audience do not have to vote for all of them to score.

For example, a question has four choices and with two correct answers set. Each correct answer scores 10 points. The first participant votes for one right answer only and scores 10 points, whereas the second participant votes for both correct answers and scores 20 points.

Numeric Range

You enter the correct answer within the 'Enter number' field. The correct answer must be a whole number within the valid voting range.

You can only enter one correct answer for a numeric range question.

The audience score the value within the 'Points per answer' field if their vote matches the correct answer.

Text Vote

Pro Only - You enter the correct answer within the 'Response' field. The correct answer must be a 45 character string.

You can only enter one correct answer for a Text question.

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Scoring Settings

Control Description
Reveal answer(s)

When selected then the correct answer(s) are displayed on an extra mouse click after the vote is closed.

If the display type is either a bar or pie chart then a tick will appear beside the choice number of each correct answer. For all other display types, a "Correct Answer" message appears that shows the vote(s).

You may reformat or move the correct answer reveal(s), but any changes will be lost when either 'Reveal answer(s)', 'Enable scoring' or the correct answer is deselected.

Speed Scoring

When selected, this changes the way the question is scored by making it dependent on how quickly the correct answer was submitted.

For example, if the maximum points per answer is 10 and a 10 second countdown clock is set, then a correct answer that was submitted after 5 seconds of the vote being open will receive 5 points.

Total Correct Answer Votes

When ticked a text box is appended to the bottom of the question slide. This shows, in percentages or actual votes, the amount or participants that answered the question correctly.

Rounds When a round name is entered it allows a scoreboard to only display scores from questions that are put into specific rounds.

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Speed Scoring with IML Clicks

Due to the way that polling works on the clicks we can never offer the same granularity and fairness that our connector or communicator devices can offer.  The clicks are polled in segments so for example click numbers 1-100 are checked first for a response, then 101-200 are checked and then 201-300 up to the maximum number of 500.  After this the cycle goes back and checks for indexes 1-100 again and so on until the close of the poll.  The process takes about half a second for each block of indexes so for example two keypads within the 1-100 range could vote at similar times but due to way the loop polling method works the votes could be received 3 or more seconds apart.

You can test this yourself with a small number of clicks.  With 5 clicks set the indexes on them to 1, 101, 201, 201, 401.  When you vote with these on a speed scoring question you can watch the green LED’s disappear meaning that the vote has been captured.  When they are across different index ranges you can easily notice the differences in how quickly the votes are received by the receiver.  If they are part of the same index range you can also notice that the votes are received in at the same time because the green LED’s disappear at the same time.

There are other complications to this due to distance issues or interference when a signal does not get sent through first time it will wait until the next poll from the receiver comes in order to send it.  This can add a further delay if 2 clicks press at the same time but one of them has to wait longer until it’s response is accepted by the receiver.

Connectors and Communicators operate in a different way and with those products we can offer guarantees of the voting times accurate to 1/100th of a second.

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