IML Click System Status

The system status section of the ViewPoint ribbon displays the current status of the USB Receiver. 

The system can have 4 different states but if you have validated your licence and have the matching USB Receiver inserted, it should be plug and play.
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Icon Message Description
System_Unlicenced.png Receiver Out No Receiver is inserted or has been detected.
No_System.png Receiver Unlicensed A USB Receiver has been inserted and detected but a licence has not been validated or has expired. 
System_Good.png Receiver In A USB Receiver is inserted, detected and a valid licence has been added.
No_Hubs.png No Hubs Running The IML Click System service has stopped running. 


The XML licence must match the 6 digit UID of the inserted USB Receiver. The device does not hold the licence, only the machine.


When you first insert a USB Receiver it will load the FTDI drivers that allow it to function. This can some times take a minute.

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Reviewed and Approved by Global Support 27/01/23