Performing a complete uninstall

Sometimes it is necessary to perform a complete uninstall on a laptop if they have previously had Lumi or IML ViewPoint installed.

If the user is encountering issues that is not fixed by other methods we would choose a full uninstall.

The expected outcomes of the uninstall process is that the Services are remove but the folder locations remain. The following explains how to remove these to start afresh. 

  1. Uninstall all Lumi \ IML programs and drivers from Programs and Features
  2. Check all Services are no longer present in Local Services
    • IML Click Hub
    • Lumi Services
    • If present see below bullets.
      • Highlight the ServiceName and then click Stop
      • Run a Command Prompt as Administrator
      • Type the following after the arrow ->sc delete “ServiceName” NOTE: This command will error stating “the specified service does not exist as an installed service uninstall”, however it appears to be a necessary step.
  3. Reboot - This completes the uninstall process and cleans up files
  4. Delete old files - Not essential but stops overiding data and is a cleaner install
  5. Go to the Windows Start Menu and delete any remaining folders
  6. Check the ViewPoint addin has been removed from PowerPoint. If present: File > Options > Addins > Highlight COM addins > Press Go.. > Highlight Lumi ViewPoint > Click remove
  7. Type Regedit into Windows search bar and right click the link and select Run as Administrator
  8. Delete the IML folder in: HKEY_Local_machine > Software > WOW6432NODE > IML
  9. Reboot the machine
  10. Install Lumi ViewPoint


You must have a fully licenced Windows Operating System and Microsoft Office in order to use Lumi ViewPoint.

Other pre-requisites are also required along with Admin Rights.

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Reviewed and Approved by Global Support 06/01/23