IML Click Voting Speed

Learn how the IML Click system polls the handsets.

The IML Click System can receive 100 votes in half a second.

The IML Clicks are polled in segments so for example click numbers 1-100 are checked first for a response, then 101-200 are checked and then 201-200 up to the maximum number of 500. 

After this the cycle goes back and checks for indexes 1-100 again and so on until the close of the poll.  The process takes about half a second for each block of indexes so for example two keypads within the 1-100 range could vote at similar times but due to way the loop polling method works the votes could be received 3 or more seconds apart.

Time Click #
0.5 1 - 100
0.1 101 - 200
1.5 201 - 300
2 301 - 400
2.5 401 - 500


When using the system with speed scoring for quizzes it is advisable to use keypads in the same 100 batch to ensure they have an equal opportunity.


Learn more about the LED notifcations when polling with IML Clicks.

IML Click darkReviewed and Approved by Global Support 27/01/23