IML Click Range

Learn how far an IML Click can respond from.

An IML Click is designed to operate in an indoor area 300 x 300 feet (90 x 90 meters) 45 metre radius.

A room's geometry, radio propagation characteristics, and proximity to RF interferers will influence actual range experienced. Elevating the USB Receiver may result in a performance advantage.

If you have a requirement to use 2 or more IML Click systems at the same time within 100 metres (300 feet) of each other, then you must ensure that these systems are operating on different radio channels.


Learn how to minimise interference in the room and more about the RF technology behind the IML Click system.

It is always import to test your IML Clicks before every event in the furthest part of the room from where the IML Click USB Receiver will be situated.


You should never plug 2 USB Recievers into one laptop. If this occurs,

  1. Unplug both Receivers
  2. Reboot the machine
  3. Re-insert the USB Receiver you want to use

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Reviewed and Approved by Global Support 27/01/23