Learn how the IML Clicks minimise the impact of other devices operating on the 2.4GHz spectrum.

The IML Clicks work on the 2.4GHz spectrum and frequency hops to avoid interference, where possible.

As the IML Click are one way communication devices we are unable to see the status of each handset which makes diagnosing interference a little bit more difficult.

Steps to test interference

  • Network scan your environment with the IML Click USB receiver out and then again when its plugged in to see which device occupies the same\similar space.
  • Only ever have 1 USB Receiver inserted in a minimum of a 45 metre radius.
  • Ensure the USB Receiver is extended to the highest possible point (2m cable) in packed rooms.
  • Test the extremities of the room projecting IML Click system manager on screen and poll the handsets to see if the vote is received to identify black spots.
  • Ensure the IML Click Batteries are Full or Medium. If low please replace with CR2032 Batteries.
  • Ensure the IML Click USB Receiver and IML Clicks are all trained to the correct channel and have the correct index number assigned.
  • Ensure the IML CLick USB Receiver and IML Clicks are set to Static unless you intend to use user driven roaming.
  • Ensure training mode is not started during voting.


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