What is Lumi AGM Mobile?

Lumi AGM Mobile is a browser based platform that is comprised of two views, the admin console and the participant view.

Lumi’s mobile polling and messaging app allows for instant accurate polls, expands the scope of shareholder engagement and provides companies with the opportunity to transform the way they conduct their annual general meeting.​

The mobile polling app is fully integrated into Lumi’s widely used In-room AGM software. Attendance reports and poll results are processed and audited on an architecture that has been used on thousands of meetings over the past 20 years. Full reports detailing every vote cast and questions asked will be produced instantly at the conclusion of the meeting.

Using Lumi AGM Mobile for polling opens up the possibility to transform the way meetings are conducted. The advent of mobile presents four meeting types;​

The admin console lets you manage and setup your meeting through the use of 7 modules. Click to see the quick start guide

Everything you insert in the admin will reflect in the participant view which displays




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Reviewed and Approved by Global Support 16/01/23