IML Click Techical Specfications

The complete breakdown of an IML Click handset.


    The IML Click device is a battery operated voting device that operates on the 2.4ghz spectrum.

    User Interface

    Input controls

    10 numeric keys

    Alert key

    Link key

    Send key

    Clear Key

    0 - 9




    C or *


    Status light




    0 - 9




    Speed System can receive 100 votes in half a second

    Power Management

    Internal Battery

    Type: CR2032 Lithium coin cell battery

    Capacity: 240 mAh

    Rechargeable: No

    Replaceable: Yes

    Monitoring: Hardware allows the battery capacity to be accurately monitored during charging and usage

    Protection: Keypad powers down after each confirmed response transmission to conserve battery life.

    Battery life

    20,000 responses or battery shelf life

    *The keypad samples the battery each time a button is pressed. If it has been a long time between uses of the keypad, it may take a couple of button presses to average out the battery state. Environmental factors also play into this. If the keypads are stored in a cold area and are then brought into a warmer area you may see the battery level reported low until the entire unit warms up. The keypads perform to the same level in all battery states.


    Materials Moulded ABS
    Dimensions (mm)

    Width: 38

    Height: 96

    Depth: 10

    Weight (g) 30
    Colours Black
    Attachments Optional wrist strap/lanyard. Optional neck strap.


    External label Unique serial number, barcode, approvals, patents and company information.
    Battery label Approvals and safety information

    Digital Radio

    Frequency 2.4 GHz

    Modulation or Protocol

    Frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS)
    Power 0 dBm or 1 mW
    Range 90 metres (45m Radius)
    Antenna Internal antenna
    Interference prevention Integrated Wi-Fi avoidance feature improves performance in high density wireless environments.
    Encryption Proprietary

    Additional Equipment

    IML Click USB Receiver

    Width:  38

    Height: 96

    Depth: 10

    Weight: 16g

    IML Click Programmer (Trainer)

    Width: 63.5mm

    Height: 152.4mm

    Depth: 25.4mm

    Weight: 0.132g

    Power: 3 AAA Alkaline Cells

    Connector: USB Connector (Type A) for connection to PC

    Enclosure: Black ABS Plastic

    Display: 132x64 Graphics LCD

    Bootloader: Main code is firmware upgradeable



    In some regions, the disposal of certain electronic devices is regulated.  Users must ensure to dispose of or recycle the IML Connector System in accordance with local laws and regulations.

    IML Ltd is registered with WEEE compliance schemes in various countries.

    End-of life products can often be disposed of free of charge at local municipal collection points.  For more information about where to drop off waste equipment for recycling, please contact a local city office, waste authority, approved WEEE scheme or household waste disposal service.

    The symbol on the left (a crossed out, wheeled bin) indicates that a product is not to be disposed of with regular household waste.  By not discarding the product along with other household waste, the volume of waste sent to incinerators or landfills will be reduced and natural resources will be conserved.


    This device complies with the following European Directives and USA/Canada Regulations:

    • Directive 1999/5/EC on radio equipment and telecommunication terminal equipment and the mutual recognition of their conformity
    • Directive 2006/95/EC on the harmonization of laws of member states related to electrical equipment designed for use within certain voltage limits
    • The USA Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Rules and Regulations
    • Industry Canada Rules and Regulations


    This device complies with the following national and international standards:

    • EN 301 489-1 V1.6.1: 2005: EMR; EMC standard for radio equipment and services. Part 1: Common technical requirements.
    • EN 301 489-17 V1.2.1: 2002: EMR; EMC standard for radio equipment and services. Part 17: Specific conditions for 2.4 GHz wideband transmission systems and 5 GHz high performance RLAN equipment.
    • EN 300 328 V1.7.1: Electromagnetic compatibility and Radio spectrum Matters (ERM);Wideband transmission systems; Data transmission equipment operating in the 2,4 GHz ISM band and using wide band modulation techniques.
    • EN 60950-1: 2006: Information technology equipment – Safety. Part 1: General requirements
    • FCC Part 15B, 15.247: 10-01-2006: Radio Frequency devices: Operation within the bands 902-928 MHz, 2400-2483.5 MHz, and 5725-5850 MHz.
    • IC RSS-210 Issue 6: 2005: Low

    FCC/IC Compliance

    This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules and RSS-210 of the Industry Canada Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) this device may not cause interference and (2) this device must accept any interference, including interference that may cause undesired operation of the device. The user is cautioned that changes or modifications to the device that are not approved by the manufacturer could void the user’s authority to operate the device.


    EU Compliance

    This device is a 2.4 GHz low power response system controller intended for residential and commercial use in all EU and EFTA member states.


    ESD Notice

    In extreme operating conditions, this Reply® product may be susceptible to Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) and other similar and rare transient events. Such ESD events may cause system interruption. Should an ESD event occur that causes system interruption, simply reset the Reply® Trainer by powering down and powering on.


    The IML Click device has been certified as conforming to the relevant International Radio Frequency standards:

    C-Tick: N14939

    FCC: FBRN240D

    IC: 1859A – N240D

    CE Mark

    Manufacturer Details


    Lumi Holdings Limited
    Ordnance Business Park
    Midhurst Road
    GU30 7ZA

    Name / Model


    Country of Origin

    United Kingdom


    Protected by patent applications granted and pending.  For further details contact Lumi.



    The statements and technical information contained herein are believed to be accurate as from date of issue and is provided for reference purposes only.  Although we endeavour to ensure the accuracy and correctness of the information, we do not accept any liability or responsibility for any inaccuracies or missions.

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    Reviewed and Approved by Global Support 27/01/23