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How to submit a meeting participation request

At convocation date attendees can request to participate. These requests will go into a pending state until record date.

To make a meeting participation request

  1. Go to www.lumiagm.com

    Events Screen Lumi 2
  2. Search for the meeting name or use the filters to narrow down your search criteria
  3. Select your meeting my clicking on the meeting details card
  4. When in the meeting page you can see further information about the meeting. Click Register Now to submit a participation request.

    Events Page Lumi

  5. You will then have to login with a social account or a local account

    Lumi AGM+ - Login Page

  6. Once your account has been setup, we can submit a participation request for the meeting selected.

    First confirm your:

    • Title
    • First Name
    • Given Name

    Lumi AGM+ - Meeting Participant Request Name Screen
  7. We may need to contact you about your participation request. Please submit your prefered contact details

    • Email address
    • Telephone number

    Lumi AGM+ - Meeting Participant Contact Details Screen

  8. To help authenticate you and to ensure security, you must submit:

    • Citizenship
    • National ID number

    Lumi AGM+ - Meeting Participant National ID Screen

  9. We need to collect information on your shareholding, more specifically where your shares are held and how many you have.

    If you own through an intermediary, look through the list and select it or click other and enter the BIC\LEI and name to create a new entry.

    You will then be asked to enter your:

    • Share dealing account number
    • Number of shares
    Lumi AGM+ - Meeting Participant Intermediary Screen 2

    Lumi AGM+ - Meeting Participant Intermediary Screen 3

    Lumi AGM+ - Meeting Participant Number of Shares Screen
  10. If you wish to add any notes to your account, such as a joint holder, you can do this on the following screen.

    Lumi AGM+ - Meeting Participant Notes From Participant Screen

  11. If you wish to submit a question to the meeting, please enter it on this screen.

    Lumi AGM+ - Meeting Participant Question Registration Screen
  12. You will be shown a confirmation screen of the information collected throughout the meeting participation request process.

    Lumi AGM+ - Meeting Participant Confirmation Screen
  13. Once you click save, enter how you would like to participate at the meeting.
  14. Depending on the date, you will assigned a status


    If you choose 

    A new question will appear, How would you like to vote on new resolutions put at the meeting. Here you can select

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